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Look for the Light in the Trees

By Lynn Kohler

It’s Saturday morning. By grace and good fortune, I find myself nestled in the woods sipping coffee. Just me, silence, nature . . . freedom. The weight of a stressful work week and the fear of the unknown have faded away. I sit in ease and realize we only have today. Sunlight filters in through the majestic Redwoods highlighting mixed shades of greens, soft hues of brown. These trees stand tall, rooted in soil of many centuries. Birds are taking flight, squawking unknown messages to one another. I am grateful. Grateful for breath, light, love and the chance to frame my perspective, my day, and my life. After months of feeling like I have none, I recognize I do have control. I have control over my thoughts, my energy and my intentions. What I think affects absolutely everything around me. I am love and light. I remind myself I am here to be of service. I can bring everything back into focus. And, so it is in a flash. The negative self-talk, the obsessing about what may happen ceases. The unknown will unfold. I will be kind to myself and others. I don’t have to know what is ahead. I just need to breathe and look for the light in the trees. Everything else will fall into place. I know that a new day of promise will emerge.


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